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Aug 7 2017

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This course is designed to provide knowledge and experience in managing projects in professional organisations. It addresses the main concepts and methodologies of project management and provides educational opportunities for advanced study for cognate students from a wide range of industries including engineering and the resources sector. This course will produce project managers capable of managing constraints in time, cost and quality, as well as social, political and environmental challenges. It draws on the Project Management Body of Knowledge which is the international benchmark and framework upon which the practice of project management is based.

Why choose this course?

If you want to develop advanced discipline knowledge and skills to lead and project manage large and complex projects in diverse work settings, then this is the course for you.

Career outcomes

You will have the necessary expertise to take on managerial roles in projects of your chosen profession. Upon graduating, you will have acquired professional experience which will enable you to manage project goals within constraints, and contribute to strategic decision-making through understanding a range of specialty areas relevant to project management.

Professional recognition

The Master of Project Management is a Project Management Institute (PMI) accredited program. The Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programs (GAC) is the world s leading specialised accrediting body for project management and related degree programs; accrediting programs at the bachelor, postgraduate and doctorate levels offered with accredited institutions of higher education worldwide.

Advanced standing

If you have successfully completed the QUT Project Management Open CPE Modules (including assessment) you are eligible for advanced standing (course credit) upon gaining entry into the Master of Project Management.

If you have completed QUT s Graduate Certificate of Project Management you will receive 48 credit points of advanced standing (course credit) upon entry, reducing the course duration to one year.

Early exit

Early exit with the PM15 Graduate Certificate of Project Management on completion of the required units.

Research pathways

Graduates may be eligible for discipline relevant doctoral level studies.

Complete two master degrees in two years

Our combined masters packages allow you to complete two masters degrees in just two years. You can choose from:

  • Master of Engineering EN50 and Master of Project Management PM20
  • Master of Engineering Management BN87 and Master of Project Management PM20
  • Master of Engineering Management BN87 and Master of Engineering EN50.


The Master of Project Management is designed around a set of core project management topics that underpin the knowledge required for the more advanced discipline units. The course will provide you with the critical skills to apply advanced knowlege of contemporary project management research and practice and creatively solve complex project management problems. You will learn to communicate effectively within various social, cultural and professional contexts across and within stakeholder and discipline groups. You will demonstrate leadership, effective management and coordination of project teams and be able to work independently, ethically and collaboratively.

The course structure consists of 144 credit points (12 units) arranged as follows:

1) 48 credit points (4 units) of core project management units:

Two of these units should be completed in this order: PMN501 Project Management Essentials 1, in the first half of the semester, followed by PMN502 Project Management Essentials 2 in the second half of the semester.

2) 96 credit points (8 units) of core advanced discipline units:

Your skills and knowledge are developed though the advanced discipline and Project Investigation units and further honed in PMN608 Managing the Project, the capstone unit. PMN608 should be taken in the last semester of study.

Special course requirements

Students wishing to undertake units through online study will require the necessary technology to facilitate this mode of study.

Pathways to further study

The QUT Master of Project Management is located at Level 9 of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Graduates may be eligible for discipline relevant doctoral level studies.

Combined masters packages for international students

If you are admitted to either of:

  • Master of Engineering and Master of Project Management package
  • Master of Engineering Management and Master of Project Management package

you can progress to the second degree on completion of the first.

You will receive an award for each degree completed.

Refer to the combined package course structure of the relevant second year degree for unit details.

All course structures

Academic entry requirement

A completed recognised bachelor degree (or higher) in engineering or built environment disciplines; or

A completed recognised bachelor honours degree (or higher) in any discipline with at least six months (full-time or equivalent) professional project management work experience in any discipline. Students applying on the basis of work experience must submit a detailed CV including position details and employment statements;or

Minimum English language requirements

We accept English language proficiency scores from a variety of tests. If you completed a test that was not IELTS, check which English language test scores we accept .

You must have taken your test no more than 2 years before your QUT course starts.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

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